Lukasz Porwol is the E-Gov Deputy Unit Leader at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) . His research work focuses on leveraging digital technologies such as social media and Virtual Reality to support effective communication, collaboration and co-creation, in particular in the context of e-Participation and Media Convergence. Lukasz is an experienced leader, coordinator, senior researcher, data analyst and consultant and has been working with politicians, decision-makers and business representatives on various e-Participation initiatives. Lukasz has over 12 years’ experience in working and coordinating work in various European Commission and Enterprise funded projects (1 - €4 million) mainly in the domain of e-Participation, Open Data and Cloud Computing. This includes late H2020 projects like Route-to-PA and Your Data Stories. He successfully coordinated 3Y ARCADIA H2020 project. Recently, he led, a successful proposal on Social Media and Media Convergence – COMPACT, H2020 project that he has been coordinating for three years. Lukasz has been elected 2 terms and now acts as the secretary of the prestigious board of international e-Government organisation - Digital Government Society based in CA, USA. He is a registered ODI (Open Data Institute, London) trainer and official Medley (Elsevier) Advisor actively collaborating Mendeley HQ, London. Lukasz has been recognised for his entrepreneurial efforts at BYIE Challenge in 2014. Lukasz was board of founding directors for the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland Limited. His background combines solid engineering and scientific knowledge (Eng. in Information Technologies, MSc in Data Management and PhD in Computer Science - Electronic Participation) with excellent management and PR skills. His extended knowledge of social psychology complements his comprehensive computer science background.

Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Senior Researcher, Consultant, Designer, Trainer, Analyst, Expert in e-Participation, Social Media, Communication, Virtual Reality, Media Convergence, Open Data.

Specialities: leadership, management, science, research & innovation, research & development, grant writing, qualitative research, quantitive research and analysis, market research, product sustainability, product development, communication, technology consulting, training, dissemination, system modelling, design, eparticipation, lecturing 
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