INVITED KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT MartechVIBE – Social Media and Governance Summit, Dubai, UAE - 2019
The state and the future of Social Media - Keynote Speaker and Discussion Panel Chair
INVITED EXPERT AT pre-International Grand Committee Meeting, Dublin – 2019
Fake News and Disinformation Expert, Social Media Regulation
MENTOR and PR at MIT Reality Hack 2020 – VR and AR Hackathon at MIT, Boston, USA - world’s largest XR hackathon
Mentoring a set of 67 best in the world XR teams developing beyond the state of the AR/VR art solutions. PR volunteering – interviews and final summary video production.
CHAIR AND MAIN ORGANIZER - 5W on 5G Online Symposium 2020 –
coordinating one of the most prominent online EU events on 5G Technologies as part of COMPACT Project
INVITED EXPERT EU Election & Disinformation symposium, Brussels - 2019
Misinformation and Social Media Regulation Expert – Discussion Panel Chair
BIG STAGE PRESENTER – EuroDIG 2020 – Major European Venue for
discussions on internet governance - VR Artistic Drama - The future of Gender
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